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A review of my experience with Leather Care Specialists (http://www.greatleather.com)

I recently needed a zipper replacement for my leather jacket. After finding that local repair shops didn't perform these kinds of repairs, I turned to the internet. I found Leather Care Specialists. My jacket was just over $700 new, so imagine how I felt about shipping it off to someone I didn't know, just to get it repaired. I was amazed at the quality of work, and personalized service. I found there wasn't many reviews that showed the before-and-after of the process. So I wanted to make a video review of my experience in the hope it will help you feel a little more secure about doing business with this great company.
IMPORTANT: I was not paid, or given any discount, to make this video. In fact, they didn't even know I was going to until AFTER they shipped the jacket back. I wanted to make sure I was treated like everyone else.
- Matt Johnson

 Majo's Youtube Channel


Great Leather just received a contract to wrap the door handles at Wrigley Field in leather!

Hand stitched Spinneybeck leather wrapped pulls.


Very special WWII Sheepskin

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